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•The management of Business Continuity Plan Ltd has the pleasure to bring to the attention of your office the upcoming variety of training supported by the Harvard business case studies as shown below at Nobleza Hotel from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

•These training shall bring together Entrepreneurs; Internal and External auditors; Researchers; Tax, Risk and Compliance Managers, Marketing Managers,Underwriters, CEO,Human Resource Managers, CFOs, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers and Accountants.

•It is on this great occasion that we request a representative from your good office to participate in these training.


1) Project Management Monitoring & Evaluation with MS Project
2) Advanced Excel
3) Marketing and Communication
4) Leadership and Human Resources management
5) Competition and Strategy
6) Management Accounting and Taxation made easy for executive managers
7) Leadership and Human Resources Management
8) Corporate Fraud, Compliance and Internal Control
9) Business Continuity Planning Made Easy for Managers
10) Audit,Internal Control and Compliance
11) Risk Management and Compliance for Executive Managers
12) Risk Management and Compliance in Financial Services
13) Value Chain Development and Market Linkages
14) Strategic Management for NGOs
15) Procurement:Value for Money Strategic Procurement through International Best Practices
16) Investment Analysis
17) Fundraising and Resource Mobilization
18) Financial Statements Analysis
19) Consumer Protection
20) Advanced Approaches to regulations
21) Policy Law and Institutions

Mining Related Training
1)Mining and mineral waste management
2)Mine rehabilitation , mine closure and post mining
3)Occupation health and safety in the resource sector
4)Mining laws, standards and policies made easy for investors
5)Mining and gender
6) Artisanal Small Mining investment and formalization
7) Artisanal Small Mining and mineral market
8)Environmental management in the resource sector
9)Open mining and design
10)Underground mining and safety aspects
11)Mineral processing and mineral recovery

Entrepreneurship, Economic and Finance Training
1)Global Entrepreneurship
2)Introduction to Capital Markets
3)Investments and Portfolio Management,
4)Financial Analytics,
5)Economic and Business Forecasting

Gender Related Training
1)Gender mainstreaming in Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation
2)Gender mainstreaming in agriculture value chain
3)Gender mainstreaming in policy development
4)Gender responsive budgeting
5)Coaching and hands on support in gender budget statements
6)Gender based violence prevention and response
7)Coaching in gender mainstreaming in private organization (Gender Seal)
8)Engaging men in GBV prevention and response

Real Estates Training
1)Real Estate Investing
2)Real estate’s development Governance
3)The Rewards And Risks Of Leverage,
4)Real estate’s Development: Opportunities And Risks ,Real Estate And Capital Structures,
5)Market Analysis And Leasing, Commercial Real Estate Financial Market, Debt And Debt Calculations
6) Forms of Real Estate Ownership, Property, Asset And Portfolio Management
7) Structuring Real Estate Deals: An Investor’s Perspective, 8) Real Estate Tenant and Landlord Rights, Liquidity Events – Exit Strategies
9) Real estate Principals, Agents, and Partners, The Legal Framework= Environmental Law in Real Estate Transactions,
10)Real Estates Investment Outlook: Opportunities and Risks Ahead and Emerging Trends
11) Real Estates Taxation.

Insurance Training

1) Management of pension schemes,
2) General business,
3) Challenge of Insurance Industry in light of increased terrorism,
4) Risk assessment, Underwriting and claims,
5) Insurance core principles related to Cross boarder supervision and market conduct,
6) Insurance, securities and other non banking authorities,
7) Risk based supervision,
8) Management skill improvement,
9) Reinsurance Management
10) Anti- Money laundering and combating the Financing of terrorism,
11) Technical reserving for non -life insurer,
12) Insurance Regulatory and supervisory procedures,
13) Reinsurance and project insurance,
14) Life medical under witting,
15) Regulatory and operational aspects of insurance business

Please Call +250 788 303 190 / 0788504770 or Send email to: info@thebusinesscontinuityplan.com, nyirankera@yahoo.fr/ agnesn@thebusinesscontinuityplan.com to receive the Application Form and the training Agenda

VENUE: Nobleza Hotel

Yours truly

Agnes Nyirankera
CEO at The Business Continuity Plan Ltd
Tel: 0788303190
Website: www.thebusinesscontinuityplan.com


Information is a key resource for all organizations, from the time information is created to the moment it is destroyed; in addition, soft skills and long time experience are lacking for sustainable business continuity.

Despite the fact that investors are willing and capable of financing their businesses, putting in place strong structures and good leaders; they are still worried about their Business Continuity to the point of depressing or dying with heart attack.

The fact is that 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months and the good news is 94% of organisations who have invoked their business continuity plans agreed that they had significantly reduced the impact of the disruption (Source, Axa). Andrew: The AXA 2007 report.

The Business Continuity Plan Ltd (BCP Ltd) has come with innovative ideas of responding to shareholders and stakeholders worries just by improving the way organizations plan their Businesses Continuity by offering a range of services

BCP Ltd has its presence in Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and Nigeria; however, its services are already extended to all African countries while planning to grow and have presences in most African countries in the near future.

Change management in the way we keep, protect and project our businesses necessitate improvement in Rwanda, Africa and the entire world ; resistance to change management in regard to the business continuity is predictable; however, an informed Managing Directors or Chief Executives want to make happy shareholders and stakeholders; these will take advantage of services offered by Business Continuity Plan Ltd and explore all possible benefits of assuring the continuity of the businesses in their respective organizations.

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